1. Go rock climbing

Take your relationship to new heights by scheduling a fun first date at your local climbing wall. This idea is sure to get your both of your blood pumping, even if you don’t reach the top! Besides, it’s great way of showing that your’e interested in phyiscal activity.

2. Go Ice Skating

Lets be honest, there’s something inherently romantic about an ice skating date. It’s a true classic that most people have only experienced trhough movies. Whether it becomes sucessful or not, it is a date that will for sure be remembered. Besides, if you’re feeling shaky, it’s a great excuse to hold hands with eachother!

3. Visit a Museum

There will be an endless supply of great conversation starters all around you. Plus, many museums have a small cafe inside, so if things are going well, you can extend the date by grabbing a bite.

4. Try an Escape Room

These adventure-games in which people get together to use clues to solve various puzzles are incredibly popular right now, and they make a fantastic first date activity. It’s an amazing way of getting to know your partner “An escape room is a surefire way to get to know your date quickly,” says Laura Bilotta, a dating coach and matchmaker. “You’ll have to use teamwork, and the task at hand will keep the two of you talking without awkward moments.”

5. Watch live music

If you and your date are enjoying music, which applies to most people, going to a gig or an open mic night is a great first date idea. Grab a table and don’t be afraid to show off your enthusiasm. Let the music do the work for you and create the perfect harmony.

6. Go Hiking

If you both like being active outdoors, this is a great way to get to know each other. “I don’t suggest hitting a secluded trek or one that would take hours to complete, but instead find a walking trail either around your city, in a park, or out in the countryside,” suggests J. Hope Suis, a relationship expert and author. “Pack some water and a few snacks, dress comfortably and hit the road. You will have plenty of time for conversation and you can also judge their spontaneity and maybe even their fitness skills.”


7. Get Competitive At An Arcade/Barcade

Arcade games are incredibly fun and actually very social. It Shows how fun and competitive a person can be as well as comfort in acting like a kid. Also great convo starter and a great loop into your competitiveness with eachother. According to Walfred L B, it’s incredibly important to challenge eachother in a relationship. So why not try an arcade as a first date!

8. Be a tourist in your own city

When was the last time you explored your own city, probably a while ago right? Well, this probably applies to your dating-partner as well. First dates offer a great opportunity to explore those places you’ve always been meaning to visit. And if you and your date share interests, this could be the perfect way to show you’ve been paying attention.

9. Take a sunset stroll

Sunset is the most romantic time of day, so if you really want to make your date swoon, take them on a stroll as the sun goes down. A goodbye kiss is almost guaranteed!

10. Tag-laser gun fight

Just listen to the story by thisistrouble

‘Last night, I took a girl laser tagging for a laser tagdate.  Now, I’ve been seeing this girl for several months and it was something we had been wanting to do for a while due to our mutual like of Barney Stinson utilizing a laser tag date on How I Met Your Mother.  Needless to say it was a *smashing* success.  It’s 11am and I just got home.  Balls drained, and I’m now going into this weekend with a killer attitude.  However, this isn’t the first time I’ve used laser tag as a date.  I’ve used it on first dates to great success.’

Everyone loves laser gun, even the the biggest pacifists out there. It involves fast-thinking, physical activity and thus creates the perfect platform for a situation that will be enjoyed despite what the partners think about eachother!

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